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Eight-Station Cylinder Sleeve Centrifugal Casting Machine


The multi-station rotary table cylinder liner centrifugal casting machine adopts multiple hosts + auxiliary machines, multiple hosts are evenly arranged on the circular rotating working platform, the hosts rotate to different auxiliary machine stations through the rotary table; four auxiliary machines are fixed along the circumference of the circular working platform, each auxiliary machine completes the cleaning, spraying, pouring and picking up work process for the hosts rotating to their respective stations. The high speed and smooth speed adjustable main machine, advanced multi-stage and multi-speed spraying process, and real-time monitoring and adjustment of key process parameters in the whole casting process ensure the consistency of the casting process for each cylinder liner product, completely eliminate the influence of human factors on the casting process parameters, and fundamentally ensure the stability of the inner quality of the cylinder liner castings.
  The machine occupies a small area, has high production efficiency and requires only two persons to operate. It is very suitable for continuous production of single species and large quantity of cylinder liner blank castings.

Machine features:

● High-speed and smooth running of the main machine --- The smooth running and speed of the mold is the key factor affecting the quality of the product. The smaller the radial runout of the mold at high speed, the more uniform the wall thickness of the cylinder liner and the more stable the organization performance.
The main machine adopts cantilever structure, and the bearing seat adopts cast iron, which has good vibration damping. Adopt AC stepless frequency conversion motor + high performance vector control frequency converter, through the high performance V-belt drive spindle rotation, to ensure the accurate speed control of the mold, spindle braking device to ensure the mold fast stop, improve production efficiency. 

● Fast, smooth and accurate positioning rotary working platform --- Multiple hosts are arranged on the rotary working platform, and the rotary working platform completes the switching of multiple stations of each host. Adopting AC servo control, the rotation is fast, smooth, accurate positioning and adjustable rotation speed.

● Quick mold inner wall cleaning device --- Quickly clean up the residual paint on the inner wall of the pipe mold. The rotating cleaning brush is driven by the horizontal trolley to move along the axial direction of the mold to clean the inner wall of the mold. The cleaning brush can be changed according to the inner diameter of the mold, and the cleaning device includes a nozzle and a corresponding dust collector.

● Excellent spraying quality --- The inner coating of the pipe mold can reduce the impact of the metal liquid on the pipe mold, reduce the peak temperature of the pipe mold, which can effectively extend the service life of the pipe mold, and at the same time increase the friction between the pipe mold and the liquid metal, shorten the time required for the poured metal liquid to reach the rotating speed of the pipe mold, and also make the casting easy to be released from the mold when pulling out the pipe.
The movement of the spray bar is servo-controlled, with smooth movement and adjustable position to ensure the uniformity of the spraying layer. The moving speed of the spray bar can be divided into three adjustable sections, and the moving distance and speed of each section can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various complex spraying processes by matching the rotating speed of the pipe mold and the spraying pressure.

● Mold water spray cooling --- Mold temperature has a very big influence on the quality of cylinder liner. Especially the metallographic organization and hardness. The mold temperature is too high, the wet coating is easy to burst, the coating is not uniform, the surface quality of the sleeve cannot be guaranteed, and shorten the life of the mold; the mold temperature is too low, the coating is not dry when pouring, bubbles are not easy to precipitate all before pouring, high temperature iron meets the wet coating not dry, so the sleeve is easy to produce white mouth, air holes and other casting defects.
The cooling nozzles are evenly arranged along the axial direction of the mold, and according to the set cooling time parameters, water is sprayed to cool the outer wall of the mold during the pouring and solidification of the iron, so that the temperature of the mold is controlled within the appropriate process range.

● Reliable casting taking out mechanism --- The taking out mechanism is controlled by electric + pneumatic, and the cylinder liner casting is taken out from the mold smoothly by the taking out claw.

● Automatic pouring and accurate iron weighing --- Automatic pouring consists of pouring car and tilting pouring ladle. The pouring car can pour for two main machines at different times. The pouring speed of tilting ladle is adjustable. The pouring truck is equipped with automatic weighing device to ensure the consistency of the weight of each batch of cylinder liner. The weight of pouring ladle iron is displayed on the big screen, and the record can be printed.

● Efficient, safe, stable and flexible electrical automatic control system --- The control system adopts PLC as the control core and human-machine interface as the monitoring system to complete the automatic control of the whole process of centrifugal casting machine and the monitoring of the production working process. The control system has perfect protection measures such as over-current and overload. The process parameters of the main machine, the working position and speed of each auxiliary machine and other parameters can be set and adjusted and stored on the human-machine interface, so that the equipment has a certain flexibility and can be suitable for the production process requirements of multi-species cylinder liner castings within a certain range.

Technical parameters




Turntable diameter



Number of station


Rotation power of motor



Mold rotation diameter



Casting maximum diameter



Casting maximum length



Speed of mold



Main machine power of motor



Centre-to centre spacing between the ground and mold




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